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"My bracelet was the only thing keeping me sane while I was in hospital away from the boys."

Lizzie Corsby and son Harrison
Lizzy wears her two children's names on her Ivy & Gold bracelets - something she never dreamed she would be able to do after struggling to conceive for years.
Her 'Harrison' bracelet brought her immense comfort when she was separated from her son during a difficult pregnancy which meant she was in hospital for long periods during her pregnancy.
Harrison and baby Willow
"I got my first Ivy & Gold bracelet I think it was Mother's Day 2021 - I had no idea I was getting it.
My husband, Jamie, sat our son, Harrison, down and showed him the bracelets online.
He explained he could pick the colour and what he’d like it to say.
Harrison quickly took inspiration from the photos on the website and said he wanted mummy to wear his whole name.
That bracelet has never been off me since the day I got it, other than when I was giving birth to Willow, because I couldn’t have any jewellery on in theatre.
It was so significant to me because at that time we really didn’t think we would be able to have any more babies.
All babies are special, of course, but to us Harrison was our one and only, we thought he was going to be our only baby. 
We had suffered losses before him and after him.
I also have Type 1 Diabetes and my health background wasn’t great, so the journey to becoming pregnant was a difficult one.
So the bracelet had a real significance to me.
Lizzie Corsby and son, Harrison
Little did I know that I would be pregnant with our second miracle baby, Willow, in 2021.
It took us a long time to get there - there are five years between my babies.
When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I got Covid - that was when it was still the rule to isolate for 14 days and I was the first in the house to test positive so I immediately separated myself from Jamie and Harrison - the first time I'd had to be apart from him.
I would look at his name on my bracelet while he spoke to me from the other side of the door.
Covid itself was ok, but after that I took Norovirus and was really sick.
With the complications of diabetes my body went into DKA - a serious and life-threatening state - and my body basically started to shut down.
I was admitted to intensive care at 32 weeks pregnant and they thought they were going to have to deliver Willow.
I was hysterical because I literally had put Harrison to bed one night and was gone in the morning - I knew he would be so upset and confused.
Thankfully we didn't have to deliver Willow at that stage and I started to get my strength back.
But being away from my boy again was heart breaking - my bracelet was my little steadfast during that time.
I missed my family and I was constantly afraid that Willow would be delivered early, in a rush and potentially without Jamie there.
I was in and out of hospital for weeks after that, being allowed to go home for short periods for Harrison's birthday and Christmas Day.
We always do a North Pole breakfast for Harrison on Christmas Eve morning and last year I had to do it via video call from my hospital bed. 
Harrison and his north pole breakfast
I remember sitting in tears when my consultant came to see me and she said: "Your wee boy is called Harrison?" and she knew from the bracelet.
Then she told me I could go home for Christmas, but I was back in on Boxing Day.
They ran tests and then discovered I had pre-eclampsia, so that was me in hospital until Willow was born on 4 Janurary.
I was in for two full weeks, but had been in and out for 8 weeks before the delivery.
My bracelet was the only thing keeping me sane while I was away from the boys and it brought me so much comfort.
Lizzie Corsby with baby Willow
I took my bracelet off when Willow was being born and that’s the only time - my husband wore it for me and after she was born and everything was OK I asked to put it straight back on.
Thankfully, everything settled down quite quickly and I was allowed to go home to rest not long after Willow was born.
Then one day when she must have only been about a week old, Jamie said: "Let’s go to Broughshane and go to Winnie’s."
I thought: "Oh happy days." We love a wee coffee in Winnie's.
When we arrived he told me he would stay and order the drinks, but would I go and pick something up for him across the road?
Harrison with baby sister Willow
He said: "You need to go upstairs into Ivy and Gold," and that was when I met you (Erinn) and Alice and the bracelet was there with Willow's name on it.
I was a wee bit emotional with you, I think we all had a little cry as I explained what I'd been through and how much my bracelet had helped when I'd been separated from my son.
But it wasn’t until I went back to Winnie’s and saw Jamie and my two babies that I really broke down.
I just cried my eyes out with relief, probably, and happiness.
Having my second Ivy & Gold bracelet made it all feel so official - I was a mummy of two.
Lizzie Corsby Ivy & Gold bracelets
So that’s how I ended up with the two bracelets for my two babies.
A wee while later I bought a single heart bracelet to represent my losses. I wear them all for all my babies.


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